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NAFC Members

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Are there any NAFC members out there? If so please let me know. :)
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Ill bite what's NAFC? I'm guessing National Association of ????. I'm probably a member and just forgot. I'm CCA and RFA and VFW (remembered those)

Glen, Retired CW2 :confused:
Hey, looked up NAFC under google and first hit was National Association for Continence.
Wheres the meeting, I'll bring the depends. :p
NAFC= North American Fishing Club!
Its a club just for fishermen. It has its own quarterly magazine. a really informative web site. they even give away FREE tackle. By being a member you can also have the opportunity to Field Test NEW merchandise for free and when your done you get to Keep it. I recieved a bunch of lures to test personally. My father in law for a nice diawa rod and reel combo.
you can check out the site atNorth American Fishing Club
I have been a member for about 3 years now :cool:
Yes the North American Fishing Club! Its a great club. I'm only 20 and they have already given me Life Member Status. The only thing is I havent had the chance to field test any products. If your interested in joining go the the web site listed about or email me and i can mail you some information.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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