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Hey everyone, I'm heading down to pawleys island next friday for a week. Going to attempt my send trip of shark fishing.

I ran into a small problem. Me and a friend ordered 2 rods and reels from bass pro over a month ago and they just informed us today that we likely wont receive them for another month.

The Reel I ordered was a Daiwa BG 8000, and I ordered a 12ft Ugly Stick X-heavy surf rod, He ordered a Penn Fierce 2 10ft rod/reel combo. (same rod I grabbed locally on my last trip!)

I'm just wondering if there's anywhere local that may have anything similar to this stuff in stock or could get it by next Friday March 24th.

He is pretty set on the penn fierce 2 combo because it fits his budget. I am ok grabbing another setup in the same ballpark price.

Id like to stay around or under $400 if possible (Must be 2 Piece). I am not brand specific, and I have 2500yds of Bullbuster 40lb Braid waiting for me on pawleys to spool these rods also.

Thanks for any and all help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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