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Myrtle Beach This Weekend

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I'll be in Myrtle Beach this weekend, Saturday-Monday. My plan is to bring a 2-piece 9' 1/2-2oz spinning rod, some metal lures, a few other random lures such as bucktails and swimmers, and some small fly teasers in hopes of catching some blues and spanish out of the surf. I won't have a car and will be staying on South Waccamaw Drive in Garden City, which looks to be within walking distance of the north end of murrel's inlet. I have experience fishing the cape cod canal and other inlets in the north east but I'm not sure how comparable it would be.

I prefer fishing with lures from sand or rocks but am not stuck on any one species so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also I do not have a pier net or transportation and have never fished an ocean pier so I'm not sure that would work for me.


Any lure suggestions?
Have there been blues and/or spanish around yet?
Is there a local fishing report that I could read?
Will I have a shot at fish on the open beach or should I plan on walking to Murell's inlet?
Are there nearby back bay spots that I can fish from shore?

Edit- If I were to try Murrell's what size bucktail/jig head will get me near the bottom during heavy current?
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Thanks for the replies, I'll pack some gulp shrimp and mullet and jig heads!
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