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My Matapeke Report

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I went to Matapeake yesterday(3-22);it was real nice,warm,and sunny.I fished from 10:30am-5:30pm and I caught lots of schoolie Striped Bass from 14-21in on bloodworms rigged on bear paw #1 circle hooks rigged on a bottom rig.The guy next to me caught about the same,but he caught the big one :D .He caught a 24lb Cow Bass :eek: ;it must of been at lest 41in but it had a big girth.It was a fat fish he hooked it on a bear paw 1/0 circle hook with a bloodworm.Most of the action was arround noon about 2hrs before the peak of the ougoing tide.Later in the afternoon it slowed down and the pier got packed.The guy that was fishing next to me said in another week the bigger ones should be in.I hope so. :D
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if his name was steve,had eliminator rods and baitrunners in the left corner, hes right. i was there sat last mon past total 69 have 20+ pics+ the weather scene that day.london fog invaded matapeake.
Yeah,his name was Steve,had one Eliminator,and all his reels were Baitrunners.He's always there when I'm down there and always catching big fish.Hes always fishing next to me in the left side.
THanks for the circle hooks PaPpy it was nice to meet my first P-n-F member. hope to see you around. It was nice to actually see that the reports out of matapeake were true not a hyped up fishermans story. The rockfish are cows....oh yea... one more thing, if any of you are fishing on a pier and someone one to three poles to your right or left hooks a large fish please be courteous enough to reel in your line to allow the person with fish-on to bring his fish in. ;) :cool:
The more we veterans set the example for the rookies, the better fishing it will be for all of us. Thanks for the reminder. Let the good news be shared. ;)
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