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I plan on driving down from VA and yakking the marsh as well. PM me if you want to join up.

I don't bother keeping live bait in the kayak- another equipment that effects my paddling, plus $$$. Honestly, fresh dead shrimp works just as well- we did this twice at the jetty from an actual boat and fish had no preference. Depth presentation with the shrimp mattered far more than its liveliness/dead.

Shrimp are going to be mostly if not entirely gone from the marsh; fish will probably hit anything with the hint of shrimp.
I assume the primary baitfish will be bay anchovies, mud minnows, and maybe some lingering finger mullet .

My game plan so far is to do the same things I did, but focus more on casting and less trolling. I will still troll a soft plastic paddletail and a Mirrolure from Point A to Point B. I will focus on fishing the low water for obvious reasons. I really want to explore the creeks near the oyster reefs. If dolphins are present in the main creek, I will abandon fishing it and just further up into the creeks. Starting lure line-up: Pink 52MR, Z-man paddletail, Paul Brown Corky (this was designed as a cold water trophy trout lure along the Gulf Coast).

When the water gets higher, I may start blind casting towards the grass lines near mud flats- reds may work through these areas in small schools.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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