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Mud Minnow Traps

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I cannot figure out where these traps are meant to go. I thought you put them in the bottom of the stream where a little creek leaves the mud flats on the low tide and you catch all the outgoing minnows and vice versa when the tide comes back in? I am using dog food for bait and always catch many little one inch shrimps instead of minnows. Can someone give me a tutorial on where I can drop these from the bank? I've watched youtube videos and feel like I'm doing what the guys in the videos do but i dont catch any. Thanks for any help!
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And old timer taught me that in the grass catches more big minnows and I have put mine near to or in the grass ever since, baited with all beef hot dog wieners, nothing else. I have a 7/0 hook wired into my traps and the wieners are threaded on the hook, which suspends halfway inside the trap. When the tide is low my traps are out of water, sitting in mud. If you are a little late checking them the mud minnows will burrow in the mud and be fine for a couple hours.
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