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Motor Cuts off, 1973 Evinrude 135 HP

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Engine cuts off when I am coming in after being out for about 30 minutes. I can ride out to anywhere that gas and time will allow. I have gone as far as 12 miles out, I would cut the motor off, then fish for a while. Then when I am ready to return the motor seems to cut off after about a mile or two then I restart move again for a short period before it shut off again. I tried better GAS with a fuel cleaner additive and still no luck. It seem like the motor is not getting enough gas or this is what I think. I check and re prime the motor but the same thing happens again. It runs well when running. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
1973 Evinrude 135 HP Outboard :confused:
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First thing I would inspect, would be "ANY" in-line filters/screens in your fuel lines, and on the engine.
I plan to change the fuel filter and re-check the fuel lines..
Is the tank well vented? It may be creating a vacuum.Also check any O rings on the fuel line, a dab of grease does wonders for cracked O rings in the field.
Real Clicker...
It’s seem to run good now that I have made a few changes but if it does it again. I will put in the shop right away.... Thanks, I agree with you saving money because i may have to wait so time before I can get it fixed.
yeah mole i just put one in th shop hopefully wont cost to much to fix it gotta good deal out th gates but its dying close to th finish :eek: :eek: RC
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I can't wait to test the motor again. I will stay close to the dock and plus I will give it a shot on the river. I can always anchor up and wait for a passing boat or make a radio/cell phone call for one. Plus as a bonus I don't have to deal with a tide, strong, currents or windy conditions. Hey good luck on the motor and please let me know how you do make out... :D
yaeh man got th scoop this morn i should be in da water this wknd 500 aint to bad considering it could a been worse :D :D
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My motor will not start. It ran fine that last time I had it out about 4 weeks ago but now nothing. I have good spark and gas. I am not sure what could have happen but I am not playing with it. I now know that I mixed to much oil in the gas so maybe this is causing so issues. I now have new gas, new sparks, the right mix and still nothing... I the cost doesn't kill me... :confused:
got my motor out th shop dude told me it be 3wks tops ended fixing it 4 dats replaced bottom end runs great :)
:D :D :D :D :D . SEE YA ON TH WATER !!!!! ;)
some how my name got screwed up real clicker is inawe took that boat & motor out that thing runs like a bat outta hell even got a a chance to catch a lil dinner ? :D
Happy to hear some of us are on the water. I hope to be real soon. Anyway have fun and remember stay on top!
hey MOLE i think this is the next to th best deal ive ever got besides th lil woman :D :D dont make me pick a favorite ;)
took that boat out that motor ppuuurrrrsssss :D :D :D
On Friday I bought a new fuel pump for $48.50 and it was well worth it. I had also rapped my wires with electrical tape and then placed them in electrical tubing. I was having some arching issue when I have check for spark with one of the spark plugs. So I installed just about all of my wiring that I could reach to make sure all would work well. My motor is so old and I wanted to give it all the love it needs. Anyway now it starts like a new motor and I can't wait to give it a test run. I hope to make it out to the river some time this week. I will post an update soon. Thanks!
just got mine registered :D thats great mole :D :D time to go to th river see ya :eek:
Thanks for all of the support from all you guys. The brotherhood of fisherman is a good thing. :cool: :D
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