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Motor Cuts off, 1973 Evinrude 135 HP

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Engine cuts off when I am coming in after being out for about 30 minutes. I can ride out to anywhere that gas and time will allow. I have gone as far as 12 miles out, I would cut the motor off, then fish for a while. Then when I am ready to return the motor seems to cut off after about a mile or two then I restart move again for a short period before it shut off again. I tried better GAS with a fuel cleaner additive and still no luck. It seem like the motor is not getting enough gas or this is what I think. I check and re prime the motor but the same thing happens again. It runs well when running. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
1973 Evinrude 135 HP Outboard
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Items concerning boating, motors, and the like should be posted on the Boating Board. ;)
Is your tank well vented? It may be creating a vaccum.
I am not so sure about the vent but I just got a new 6 gallon tank for testing and to use as a back up. I also changed yesterday the male connector on the motor and the replaced the fuel hose with the ball pump. I hope one of these things will work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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