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Modular, zippered, tackle boxes for the surf? AND How do you store mono rigs?

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Two part question here.

I currently use an 'old-fashioned' multi-tray hard plastic tackle box for surf fishing. If space is limited and I'm with the family, I've even put tackle in a hard plastic Nestle Quik container. (They are worth saving for the garage and shop, too!). I also carry the occasional plastic compartmented clear boxes that you see in those tackle 'bags' (soft-sided tackle boxes).

What you do think of these soft-sides? Do the zippers hold up? Or do you have to wash down the bag every trip?

Also, I like to make my own 2-hook pomp rigs. How do you like to store them? It's just a mess in a tackle box. I've used cheap, non-food grade ziplocs and put them in the Nestle Quik box before.

Always looking for improving the set up. Thanks.
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I have had good luck with the tackle bags and trays. For the rigs I tie myself i use small craft bags from Walmart or any of the craft/hobby stores. They usually have them in several sizes. I have more tackle trays than my tackle bags will hold. I can swap out depending on what type of fishing I am doing and don't carry tons of stuff I won't use.
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