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Minnow Size for Flounder in Surf | Buying | Catching | Castnet in Surf?

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Hi guys,

I bought and fished with mud minnows from the surf for the first time ever a few weeks ago, rather than the frozen or fresh shrimp/squid options. Rewarded with a couple flounder (small). The minnows were rather small - maybe 3 inches long at the most. Would it be better to find larger mud minnows? The guy at Chasin' Tails just scooped what they had from the tank. Only one tank with minnows. I guess I could've asked for the biggest out of the net. Some were pretty small. Late in the day, every minnow I cast had only a head left cut of with an arc the diameter of a nickel or quarter right at the gill plate...blues?

I didn't bring a cast net because of zero luck the last few times, but of course the wash was "awash" with nice baitfish. Do any of you always bring the cast net for bait from the surf?

Seeing as I'm usually fishing with a day-trip with the wife and four kids (+ a niece of nephew usually), I can't really drag em around while I castnet into other waters first.

So, basically, looking for your opinions on minnow size (if it matters and where to get) for flounder in the surf.

We usually go to Emerald Isle/Salter Path but may try Coquina Beach (or north). Possibly Ocracoke, but the ferries make it hard to work out. Either I can't get the latest ferry back or it's just too short a stay by the time you arrive...
Of course, I could go the bucktail/ gulp + gulp chaser rig I suppose...
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.... 8 lb 11 Oz's on the littlest mud minnow in the bucket ... but now I mainly use Gulp Swimming Mullet but haven't got another one over 6 lb since...
I don't know if I've caught a flounder more than 2" longer than the minimum size limit. I'd be ecstatic with 4 lbs!
Smoothlures and River. Thanks for the input.
Thanks Fish'nPhil.

flatty - It'd be easier to do what you say than carry a 5-gal bucket with water and minnows from the parking lot at the public access, along with the family's stuff to a quiet spot on the beach!

This past weekend though - I almost had major success with a bucktail/gulp with a gulp teaser (a la John Skinner on youtube). I wrote about this in my thread under NC called "Disappointed @ Emerald Isle...". I was casting this rig and walking along and all of a sudden there was no give whatsoever. For lack of a better term, I tried to set the hook and after one more good tug (by me), it was gone. :( I felt like it was a flounder. Was told I need to give it some time.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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