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I took the kayak out today into the marsh. I decided that I am done with SC saltwater for 2016. I may do a FW blue cat or LM trip in the Santee Cooper lakes tomorrow. I have to be back in VA on the 26th and start working back at my normal job in the Navy on the 28th.

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From the pictures, it seems like a good day. However, it was slow until I recognized some patterns.

From the beginning, I saw dolphins in the creek. I should have immediately wandered into small creeks/ditches instead of the larger waterway. I went to my usual 2 creeks and hooked up on 6 trout; 5 landed;3 keepers. The 22 incher came off a hot pink 52MR. The other 2 came off a Z-man Minnowz in space guppy.

My first keeper came off trolling in the small creek. Apparently some trout were schooled in a deeper slough behind a sandbar and probably facing the outgoing current. I hooked 3 trout in that area, but lost 1 in the 16-17 inch range right at the kayak. A Mirrolure might have 3 trebles, but trout still manage to shake it off sometimes.

I went inside another creek and found a similar setting. I got the other 19 inch speck and then the 22 from the same slough. The 22 specks pulled like a red at first-diving down deep versus head shaking.

The reds came off the same artificial structure. 3 fish came within the same 100 square ft area on 3 casts. Then I wandered to another similar structure and got a 4th, 20 inch red. I released that one since I already limited out. The 3 reds I kept were all right at 17-17.75 inches. This has been the pattern from the past 3 days. Since I live in Florence, I wanted to be back at the dock by 4PM. If I worked that area longer, I might have landed a few more.....or spend another hour skunking.
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