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I took out my kayak out and fished from 10 AM to about 4PM on both days. I grew up fishing this area, but never had boat access. My knowledge of actual locations in the marsh is limited compared to those who run small boats for years. I figured my best shot was simply to troll around and bump into trout. I ran 2 Mirrolures- 52MR in hot pink and a red/yellow belly with spots. I primarily fished the Main Creek and probably should have done Oaks Creek the second day due to the hectic boat traffic. DNR had a nice boat citation line at the ramp.

This technique was very effective in low water and I finished with 8 keeper trout on Thanksgiving and 7 keepers on Black Friday. I had the original intention of bull red fishing all the way at the jetties, but never managed to catch bait.

Day one totals- 8 trout, with 6 18 inch+ and 4 20+, 1 puppy red drum on cut shrimp bottom at the north jetty within surf casting distance from shore, 2 dink trout

Day two totals- 7 trout, 1 at 21.5, others in the 14.25- 18 inch range, 2 dink trout
Fish Fish Coregonus lavaretus Salmon Sardine
Second day
Fish Bass Fishing Fish Recreation
2 biggest ones at 22.5 and 22 inches
Fish Fish Bird Coregonus lavaretus
first day haul

Hopefully, some of these 20 inch+ trout will be around when I return for Christmas.
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