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Metapeake June 14 2003

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I got to the pier at @ 6:20 am. There was not much action as I was able to catch a couple of small perch and a juvinile ray. Drove down to the Tank to check it out at slack tide. Got back about 2 hours before "the storm". It droppped so much rain and provided such a wind and lightning display that I decided to wait it out in the car. About an hour later I walked back down to find that someone else had taken the spot I was in. More power to them for risking their lives in the storm.

I proceeded to catch double header spot and small white perch. I took home about a dozen spot (my wife likes to eat em). Once again the corner was the place to be as I saw some huge hardheads come over the rail. It was still a good day fishing. I got home at 2am Sunday morning.........yes I stayed out that long;) . It's Father's day weekend right?.....besides I had to wait till my clothes dried, before I could get in my car :rolleyes:
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Big Rad said:
besides I had to wait till my clothes dried, before I could get in my car :rolleyes:
I'll have to remember this one. Doesn't take much to extent our trips.

I was at the Tank Saturday night as well. I got there when the storm had just ended. Stay til Sunday around 9am. Didn't do too bad. Caught 15 hardheads.
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