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Melbourne Beach Surf

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Bright and early to the surf about 5 AM.
Incoming tide , High about 9 ish . Mullet heads for bait checked and rechecked snaps on leaders and line. Had three hook up's just as the sun was coming up. 2 of them I never saw the 3 rd was a nice Black Tip each one of them broke me off after they almost spooled me. They had to be BIGGINS. I am going to buy some wire this PM for the weekend shark fest. I thought I had my A$$ covered guess they out smarted me or possibly out weighed me. :D
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Kozlow- What is the run-down on the strategy? Mullet heads, circle hook (what size?), heavy wire (what test?), barrel swivel, pyramid sinker (how much lead?), heavy mono or braid (how heavy?)...

See if you can't get a pic when you finally beach one of those bad boys! bigshark88 wants to see a “big shark ;)
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