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Melbourne Beach Surf

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Bright and early to the surf about 5 AM.
Incoming tide , High about 9 ish . Mullet heads for bait checked and rechecked snaps on leaders and line. Had three hook up's just as the sun was coming up. 2 of them I never saw the 3 rd was a nice Black Tip each one of them broke me off after they almost spooled me. They had to be BIGGINS. I am going to buy some wire this PM for the weekend shark fest. I thought I had my A$$ covered guess they out smarted me or possibly out weighed me. :D
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shark in New Symirna and Coccoa munching on surfers. Now you got me interested-will try in AM.
No luck last three days--huge surf. ?related to tropical storm south of Bermuda. Very dirty water from first breaker to the shore. Today it looks much calmer--maybe we can get back to flat ocean in the AM.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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