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Made the trip down and got on the beach around 9:30, near high tide. Started out with whole finger mullet on bluefish rigs and cut mullet on double drops. Threw a chunk out on the big rod, no takers. We were getting bites on the foat rigs but they were taking the tails and missing the hook. Tossed out FB Bloodworm on the double drop and got the first fish, a tiny Whiting. Next up was a puffer. Used the Whiting to catch a nice blue after we put a stinger hook on the float rig. Caught several more small Whiting and a few small Black Drum through the middle of the day, along with a small Spot.

Around low tide the bite picked up a little. More small Whiting, a couple more small Black Drum, two more Bluefish, and suprisingly, a decent sized Pompano. Not a bad day on the beach after all, and definitely could not complain about the weather! Now its time to tear down and clean the rods and reels and start prepping for Spring.
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