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MB Travel Park 10/15-10-16

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Didn't get out until around noon. Caught a few pinfish and a fishstick whiting in the first few minutes on fresh Bloodworms. Near low tide we caught a couple of keeper whiting on Fishbites Bloodworm. Right after the tide turned I caught a fat 15 inch Black Drum on Bloodworm.

Fish Fish Bony-fish

Not long after we caught a couple of decent keeper sized Pompano on Fishbites Bloodworm. We also used frozen shrimp and mullet chunks, which just got picked apart by pinfish, as well as Fishbites and Gulp sand flea (saw none on the beach). I also had the fishstick whiting out on a Carolina rig in the suds, and he disappeared. I put some cut pinfish back out there and got nothing on that.

By about 5 the tide was really rolling in and we were moving up the hill more than we were fishing so we called it a day. Really, after those few fish after the tide turned, it was tough fishing because the current picked up considerably as well as the rollers in the surf. Will be back at it tomorrow, hope to have more to report.
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Keep the fish coming! Tight lines! I am counting down the days until I get there!
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