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Started with a 2mph wind and set up on top of a huge mother load of catfish. We caught three fish on three lines right away. Then the one rod bent over double and this fish ran out about almost all the line and then pop line was cut. Could only imagine what that was..The wind kicked up we had to move to a leeward edge by the bridge. And boy did we score some nice cats. No really big ones but a constant bite of 8-12 lb fish. Even a convict bass.

Capt Mike

Today in the Potomac was "how about some coffee in that cream?" You could just see the mud in the water, much different from yesterday. My first spot was just covered in debris. Heading to the fishing spots was precarious. SO MUCH DEBRIS. BIG DEBRIS. Like enter tree trunks. The wind kicked up and was blowing us right into the rocks. Super tough to keep position. I put out the anchor after awhile to try to hold to actually fish for a bit without having to adjust. We picked up a couple of crappie and some decent size cats but, it was just so hard to fish. We moved to spot number two and the cove had white caps. We put out the anchor again and picked up a nice cat and a big crappie. We kept six crappie, six cats. We caught a few bass and the cutest little striper you ever saw. Very good fishermen today. A father and his two sons fished hard today.

Capt Dave
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