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Drenched and drowned report.

At 6:30 AM Sunday morning, the weather report I saw said there was a 15% chance of rain all the way to about 9 PM. At noon, the chances were 55% at 3:30 PM and 90% at 5 PM. My crew arrive 40 minutes early, threw down some chicken and ribs and we were on the water at 2:30 PM. It was sprinkling a 345 PM (we held off on the rain suits). It turned into a shower (we donned the rain suits. (Dustin didn't have one, ruh roh Dustin) So Capt Dave pulled an emergency poncho out of his tackle box for Dustin. His "hooded trash bag". And the it started to pour. It poured for three straight hours. The bilge pump sure earned it's keep.

We had a snakehead nip a bait and then spooked two in a narrow creek on swim jigs. No moving bait action after that and that was early in the trip. I personally love fishing a jig but seldom hand one to a customer as you need to know how to fish jigs properly. These two guys are kayak fisherman and a jig was their weapon of choice so, we put our heads down and jig fished. We had a pretty decent albeit wet night.

Capt Dave
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