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Matlacha (3:00 - 8:30)

Hot, sunny, a little breezy, but a excellent day as of late. Red Tide is working its way back in but hasn't hit Matlacha yet. Score talley was 2 jacks, 2 sailcats, 1 catfish, 1 toadfish and one skate. Definately an improvement over the last couple of weeks!!

Failed to post yesterdays report from a couple of other locations but talley for yesterday; 1 small snook, 1 toadfish, 1 minnow snagged, and 1 fat beautiful pompano. Used the minnow to catch the pompano. The pompano didn't want to come in and I was having a blast listening to the drag scream! Had a little of the drag scream action happen today...thats what keeps you going back out!!!!

Todays funny; a family of vacationers trying to look like they were "locals"..caught a snapper...dad "joe cool" reaches into the snappers mouth to get the hook!! You should have heard him scream!! :eek: Then he started screaming for his wife to grab the lower jaw and "get it off of me!". I'm down the pier dying!! Its hard to look cool with a fish stuck to your thumb! :D

Tight lines,


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Thanks for the SW FLA report. Good to see you haven't been completely wiped out by them nasty red tides :mad:

I'm headed out boating in the morning and either Capt. Dave or I will post on TF, accordingly. Targeting Grey trout, Stripers, Flounder, Blues, and everything else plus the swimming sink :D

FLA tourista w/a snapper is right up there with our freshwater types that lip a bluefish like a bass :eek: ugly ! But neither do it again w/o knowing the consequence.

Clear waters, live fish, and a screamin' drag ;)

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