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Mahi at Avon Pier?

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just saw a report on facebook, is this common? just never heard of it before, will be there thur. the 23rd for a week, hoping for good water
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Have heard of Mahi being caught off piers in nc. Seen pictures, never been there there when it happened. Doesn't happen too often but it does happen. Was down in morehead years ago on a beautiful couple day trip when blue water was blown inshore. It was an unbelievable sight. The water was torquise blue. Was ripping around the rock jetty at fort Macon on an incoming tide. Boaters were catching Mahi just off the beach. Have also heard of folks having their trout snatched by bluefin tuna at the jetty as well. Would love to hear a first hand account of that. Been a while since I heard that. Said four or five hundred pound blue fins would roll right in the wash. Must be a hell of a sight.
It's odd, we were down in the keys in early May. Normally the Mahi fishing is good down there but it has been very slow this season. We scrapped out about a dozen for the week but it was tough fishing. Meanwhile back out of Oregon inlet the Mahi fishing was very good. Go figure....
That and blackfins...surprised it hasn't happened yet.
You look of the reports and pictures sometimes and wonder how there are any fish left out there. Much consternation in the Florida keys this year due to the lack of dolphin. It was incredibly slow when we were there last month...lots of ringing of hands...cyclical I know....weird weather patterns. All manner of factors in play, tough year down there
It's very fortunate that dolphin are so prolific and can grow to roughly twenty pounds in their first year. When we catch them it's all but a guarantee that the females will be full of roe. Even the small ones. They seem to spawn almost continuously. I have heard that cobia have similar growth rates but don't have firsthand knowledge of that.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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