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Mahi at Avon Pier?

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just saw a report on facebook, is this common? just never heard of it before, will be there thur. the 23rd for a week, hoping for good water
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Next on "hit list" by gov regulators,after they finish closing down the cobia for us....... :mad:
You look of the reports and pictures sometimes and wonder how there are any fish left out there. Much consternation in the Florida keys this year due to the lack of dolphin. It was incredibly slow when we were there last month...lots of ringing of hands...cyclical I know....weird weather patterns. All manner of factors in play, tough year down there
Strange factors like you said about weather and other things.. They are having a good year on them here.. Same fish.... They need limits,but shutting the season down.. Both dolphin and cobia grow extremely fast,but when they shut a season down for any fish you don't get to harvest them again very quickly or easily... My biggest concern are no fish zones that are being purposed..
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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