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Well, it's been a few days since I have posted so i thought I would drop a little report.

First of all I am kind of fished out lately. I fished everyday for the last 4 weeks and it's gotten to be kinda "redundant". Don't get me wrong, I love fishing, but there are other things I am working on besides catchin sea monsters. So...I haven't put a whole lot of time out there at the pier lately - just an hour or two here and there but...

I saw a lot of round heads being caught at lynnhaven for the past week. Blues are not blitzing as they were before, and when they do they are small (still fun). Lots of small fish being caught, but mostly round heads and some of them were decent size.

Yesterday 9 stripers were caught at Lynnhaven (not by me) during the day.

Still lots of skates.

I fished at The Bay Bridge Tunnel pier for the first time yesterday. caught some croakers but nothin to brag about. Pretty cool place but [email protected] it was windy!

Well...thats what I saw. I guess Ill hit the water heavy again when this weather gets better and I am over my cold.

Tight Lines yall....

Ya know what - I just remembered Lynnhaven is open right now (24/7) so i might go now. lol..
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