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Arrived at 7:30am --- fished until 5:30 pm.

Used shrimp, bloodworms, squid - and cut spot that I caught (when I finally caught some).

When I first got there, lots of small fish around the pier. Bait was off the hook before sinker hit bottom. Very annoying. Went on for hours. Only caught a few pigfish.

Then roundheads and spot started biting. Roundheads were all pretty small. So were my spot (though I did see a few that were decent).

Caught roundheads on squid, and the spot on bloodworms.

Looked like it was pretty slow for the entire pier. Did see one shark caught (about 12 - 15 inches). And I did catch 2 blues off the cut spot (both around 1 pound).

Did get a good sunburn.
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