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Lynnhaven Pier has suffered damage they will offer free admission and food to helpers

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We will OPEN the front door at 9am tomorrow morning BUT NEED YOUR HELP!

There is some damage on the "T", it will not be accessible, do not try.

Most of the pier is fine.

There are some boards that are popped up that need to be put back in place starting about halfway out. WE WILL NEED HELP WITH THAT if you guys want to go out further. Bring a Hammer. Free admission, coffee and donuts.

Please respect where we put caution tape, it is there for a reason. If you choose to go out on a blocked off area I will ask you to leave without a refund. NO warnings.

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Offer free beer and your pier would be repaired within 24 hours, lol did I say that? :beer:

Seriously, good luck with the repairs, if I lived closer I'd bring my hammer and even a saw or two.
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