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Lynnhaven Pier 7/6

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Yes I'm back...and with a post to boot.

Got to the pier around 8 am. Saw 1 ray, a few skate, several bluefish, several spot, and way too many pin fish.

Weather was bearable with a steady breeze.

Only a couple bad moments while out there.....a youngster, after being told by his pop to take his shoes off, got a splinter lodged between his toes. He had to be taken piggy back off the pier.

And my youngest got a case of too much heat. I guess the 2 gallons of water weren't enought for him. I admit I was a bad parent for the day. I should have given him my gallon as well. Darn I was selfish and thought that I should drink my supply so someone would be able to pack the gear and make the ride back home. Well next time I'll forgo my stash and take a cab instead.:rolleyes:

We ended up with 1 spot, 1 and a half bluefish, and 5 legal crabs. Got a workout pulling in and tossing back all those illegal ones.

What a difference from last Tuesday night on Harrison's. We ended up with 30 spot and several croakers. Some anglers who got there earlier had well over 100 spot. Not bad considering all the rays that were caught throughout the day and night.

Hoping to get out again soon. Gotta get my tan evened out. Facing the sun for 6 hours has me well done on one side and sushi colored on the other. :eek:
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welcome back
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