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Lynnhaven Pier - 07/25

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My brother and I hit Lynnhaven Pier Friday afternoon from noon till 5:30pm. The weather was great. I am a now a darker shade of red from the nice sunburn I got. The fishing was pretty damn good. Using squid and cut bait (roundhead and spot), I couldn't sit down but for a minute or two the entire time I was there. The only drawback was the size of the fish. Everything was pretty small. A lot of different things were biting. We caught spot, roundhead, black sea bass, weird fish with what looked like wings, croakers, pigfish, and my brother pulled up a baby (1 foot long) shark. Everything was thrown back to get bigger and in the sharks case one day terrorize the beach. Also, no skates were caught or even seen the entire time I was there. One question to anybody in the know. When are the big fish coming to the piers? My boat is still being overhauled and might not be ready this year. I would like to catch something that will put a fight like the big blues I got into earlier this year.:) :)
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The weird fish with wings is probably a sea robin (some call them flying fish). We caught a few of those on Saturday (they were all pretty small). The have fins sticking out that resemble wings, and also have "feelers" that look like legs on their bottom side, near their head. Cool looking fish, especially when they're bigger.
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