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Lynnhaven and Norfolk 10/15/16

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Went down to Norfolk last weekend. The pier was pretty windy with the wind head towards the shore. There were a few undersized striped bass being pulled out and crabs on the fishing lines. A bit crowded, so I opted not to fish and just dropped a couple crab traps instead.

The wind blew my slack line around a piling covered with sharp oysters and I lost a trap. the other trap didn't produce anything.

Went to scout out Lynnhaven Inlet and saw a nice spot for fishing behind the Brock center and wildlife refuge. Lots of folks fishing, but did not see anything caught.

Under the brdige, I saw people pulling up some undersized spadefish and a few croaker.

At the bait shop by the marina, a guy who claimed to catch crabs for a living told me to go to Crabs Creek further up the inlet. He guaranteed that after the hurricane those crabs would be starving and ready to be pulled up.
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Thanks for the report! Saw some crabs pulled up from the Elizabeth River last weekend but they were small.
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