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I have followed along by reading posts and newspaper articles over the past two years regarding OI and the bridge proposal(s).

Fishermen have reason to be concerned. As stated in the news article, one of the proposals for "access" to this vacated area of Pea Island is "trames" to ferry visitors back and forth. Now, can any of you imagine having to get on a trame operated by the NPS along with all your gear to reach the south side of OI and its beaches? Conspeciously(sp) absent was any mention of 4X4s and driving on the beach! The NPS wont make THAT mistake again! Feelings are among posters on other boards regarding this issue (Red Drum's board for one) is that the NPS would place a moritorium on ALL beach driving if they could.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the advent of Mother Nature necessitating another bridge has given the Tree Huggers an open invitation to close even more public land to all but a few.

I sincerely hope that those living south of OI, and those who operate businesses that are dependant upon tourists and fishermen, AND those like us who travel to that area to fish will not allow this coup to succeed. Only time will tell. (My two cents worth, anyway!) :mad:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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