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Looking for trades - mint saltist 30h

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I have a mint condition Saltist 30H. Looking to trade for a heaver or other casting reels.
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I have a ALL Star 1508 for $750.

It is Winter so my prices are through the roof.
Honestly don't have anything in particular I am looking for. I don't need to sell, I simply posted to see what was out there. You guys asked and I simply gave you 3 examples that will catch my eye. I've made plenty of deals where afterwards I still couldn't believe they made the trade. So never underestimate the stupidity of a fisherman.

Trust me
I have 3 1509 All Stars with All Star Competition Butts. $1200 per rod. Cash only not interested in trades unless she is a real Hottie. Reels not included but can be for $200 each SL30SH pro-modified with min-brake.

These 1509 combos are guaranteed to hook up Citation Drum off of OBX Piers or Cape Point or money back, even if I am the one who has to chuck the bait out there to get the new owner hooked up. I cannot guarantee new owner will land the hooked Drum so warranty expires after initial hookup.

Each 1509 averages around 30+ Citation Drum so this is a great deal if you want to get into the big game.

If you are not a real strong proficient caster you may be better off with a more normal setup.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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