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Looking for good quality Polarized flips

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I'm looking for some good quality polarized flip shades. I do not want to make the steep investment into prescription sunglasses. I do a fair amount of pier fishing where I am sight fishing and need something that can do a good job of cutting surface glare while protecting my eyes.

Was curious if anyone out there has had good experience with any certain brand flips and could share their experience.

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I just ordered some Flying Fisherman brand in both grey & brown lens from an Ebay seller. About $13 for both shipped. Will have to let you know how they are once I've had the chance to use them. I've been wanting a good pair of prescription sunglasses, just can't justify the cost right now. I have an older pair of flips, but no idea what brand.

My biggest issue with flips is they don't cover my glasses well enough to offer good glare reduction and they scratch too easily. But, for the cost, I'll have to live with them for now. :fishing:
Digger54, I've worn the FF twice so far, and they're fine for my use. I have wire frame glasses & the FF cover the entire lens, even overlap a bit, which is OK, because it's not excessive ( at least not for me). I've tried some over the glasses types like the Cocoons in the past & they were heavier than these & not pleasant to wear. These are good so far. I liked the fact that the wear over type covered the sides, which of course the flips don't, but with a decent hat they're reducing the glare so for the price, I won't complain.

If they last a couple years for my fishing, I'll be very happy. :D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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