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Looking for Fiddlers

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Anyone have a good source for buying a fair number of them? I went to a popular bait shop in Murrell's inlet because I thought their price for "8 ounces" was good....until I discovered that to them 8 ounces meant taking a tall 8 fluid ounce jar, scooping some fiddlers into it and dumping it into your container.
I didn't say anything, but they had plastic 8 ounces containers on top of their counter for shrimp they sold, and the few crabs they gave me wouldn't have come close to filling it. Maybe that's par for the course around here, but it left me feeling unsatisfied. I'd appreciate y'all's input on this....I'm looking to fish for tautog (blackfish) at the jetty next month when I know that nobody will have fiddlers.
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After being pretty disappointed in the meager helping of fiddlers at a local bait shop I stopped by the Murrell's Inlet Outpost today to check on their prices. $6.50 for a decent sized cup of crabs....live and active. I bought some along with some "local shrimp" (head on) at 7 seas to toss in the freezer for use this winter. If any of you are looking for fiddlers....head over to the Outpost....and tell them that you read about it here.
Used to catch them up in the sound around the marsh grass with a box and a couple of two by fours. Put the box down, fan the boards out on either side of the box in a 'v' and herd them into the box. Like herding cattle into a corral.
I never had any luck at that....they always just ran to their holes.
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