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looking for a casting reel

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I'm looking for a baitcasting reel to go with my sealine x 11' rod . I was wondering about some of the reels out there is there anything in the penn 525 mag price range or hopefully cheaper that is a good reel.
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What pound test and lure weights does the rod recommend? Do you plan on using lures or bait?
It recomends 20-40 lb test and lure weight of 4-7. I was thinking about using 15-20 with a shock leader for casting. As I said before I liked the penn 525, the daiwa slv 30, and the daiwa sl30sh. I don't know much about any of them except the 525mag which can cast a mile. As I said before I would like a less expensive model, but don't want all of the problems that can sometimes accompany them. I was interested in a okuma I saw but didn't know much about it besides the nice price.
If you want to keep cost down go with the sl30. I have one and like it very much. It casts really well and has a great drag. You cant beat it for 104 bones. For a few more bucks take a look at the abu 7500. tight lines.....geo
Baran013,Geo nailed it pretty good. I have two sl30's and I got a 7500CT Big Game recently.The slosh's are great casting reels an economical also.Th Penn is sweet from what I heard but I'm happy with th slosh's.
I own the 525MAG it is a nice reel and I like it alot. The Slosh30 would be a good choice for that rod letting you save a buck and add capasity, which is the one thing I don't like about the Penn.
Did a lot of searching and I decided to get the Daiwa Grand Wave reel for the type of fishing I do with my heaver. The Penn didn't have the line capacity I needed to handle large drum, rays, and cow stripers IHMO - especially at AI, DE surf, and OBX. The Daiwa reels are pretty much the standard on AI and OBX for drum fishing due to their reputation of smooth drags, easy casting, and outstanding line capacity. ;)
I called hatteris Jack and he was telling me to go for the sl30sh and have it converted it would run 200. Thats alot for a reel, but I was wondering how much further you can cast with the conversion than without. I read an review of the 525 mag and the writer said that he was casting 30% further with the penn than with his collection of casting reel. Does anyone know when penn is going to start selling the 535 mag in the us.
When they make the 535 slidey I will buy it. The model I have seen picks of is the T and I want the clicker. I will order from overseas. On the Diawa I don't believe a mag conversion would be necessary. Anyway it could be added later.
hate to break up the discussion on 7500's, slosh 30's and such.

But, Baran013, you said you have a sealine x 11 footer.........if it's the one rated for 4-7oz, I would look at the slosh 20 and an abu 6500ct model. I think a little smaller is better on that rod. I have a 6500c3ct(aka blue yonder) on mine. But the slosh 20 matches up with that rod real nicely too. 15lb test(good)line, 30 shock. The sealine x will never be a HEAVER, but it get's a lot of use from me. You can whoop a big drum or cobia from the surf no problem, anywhere.................except for the point :)

you should look at those option, then buy a bigger reel for heaving rod that deserves it.
Good suggestion Dr Bubba.Sounds like a better match-up.
Dr Bubba the I think either the slosh 20 or the 30 would be a good match. It's a 2.5 oz difference in weight and teh 30 is just wider. It probably depends on the targeted spieces as to which is best. The 20 seemed small on the 11 footer.
On the ABU front I have heard disturbing rumors (marketing problems or changes). Also on the web site I did not find a single CT model listed, I know the Blue Yonder has been discontinued. I hope they don't abandoned this type of reel.
Good point, Digger. I've been doing some research and haven't seen mention of the CT reel anywhere, except Hatteras Jacks website for $265.
Hey Dr. Bubba,

How is it casting with your sealine x? I for some reason am still leaning towards the 525 if it's never really going to be a heavier. Does anyone know the difference in casting distance between say a 525 mag or 535 gs and a sl30sh? I am curious for those times when you really need to get it out there. I know from my teen years that there were a few times where you could see the gulls circling just out of my casting distance with my spinning setup.
Technique is more important than reel type. I've seen lots of guys with old Pen Squidders or Jigmasters that could cast the pants off anyone!

Once I get my new heaver reel, it's off to the Distance Casting clinic for me! ;) Anyone that can cast 750' or more (and these guys can and do it regularly) probably know a lot more than me about technique. :)
my little sealine setup casts like a dream!
It's light and very usable in most situations from the beach. It beaches little croaker and big drum. When 8 or more is needed for a long cast it sits idle or stays casted short.

As sandcrab says, technique is definitely more important than reel type. I think a lot of folks get caught up in trying to get that perfect long casting rod. When often, the fish are right there at your feet. If you got a sealine x, match it with something that feels comfy. If ya gotta make that super long cast, buy a different rod and reel for those situations.
btw Digger,

yeah, blue yonder and mag elite are discontinued. 7500 too. There are a few floatin around at places. Some at a good price. I hope they haven't stopped making ct reels for good.
I have the 10 foot Sealinex on it I have the Blue Yonder at one time had a 6500HCL on it (now on a 9ft Lami). I also have a Breakaway 11'9" with the 525MAG. Dr Bubba has a Blue Yonder and the 11 footer. All three cast well, sometimes the Breakaway and 525MAG are tough to handle in some situations(espcially when I get comfortable with the Sealine and Lami) But when Reach is needed I grab it, I probably fish the Sealine-X more. IMHO none of these rods are going to be a HEAVER the Breakaway is at best a light Heaver but is really a distance club. It depends on what you want. If it is a true heaver then you are looking at the wrong Rod. The 6500 Class Reel should work fine the Slosh's either should be good, the 30 just costs more to fill and alows longer runs if needed. The Penn is a handful and I like mine (when I hand it somelse to try I plan on respooling soon,there are a few exceptions to my expectations but not many). If I were you I would want to try the reel on the rod for balence and feel even if it is just to step out in the parking lot and wiggle it. Well I have rambled alot here. By the way all 3 reels can cast plenty far they just behave differently. Now the 525MAG is probably the fastest of the three which may or may not be a good thing that depends on YOU, your skills or maybe your patience.
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The Marketing has changed they appear to be switching to the Walmarts and Kmarts vs Tackle Shops. Mass marketers go for volume and as few SKU's as possible so it does not look good for the speciality markets. I think world wide ABU will continue to do what they have been doing and a few will be imported but very pricey. So the Slosh may be the new king.
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