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? longcaster

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HI richard '

what's your favorite rig you use for catching blues here on the bay?
do you make your own rigs ? what size and type hooks do you use ?
have you been fishing lately ? hope you don't mind sharing a few pointers ?
well it's more than one question.
hope everything is well .

thanks .

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For 99.999999% of my fishing, I tie my own rigs.

Most of my rigs are the over and under type. Depending on what fish I am trying to catch will determine what size hooks that I use.

If I am fishing for "Bluefish" I use a Nylowire Eagle Claw "J" hook in a size 1/0 or 3/0.

If I am fishing for "Croakers" I use a "Gamagatsu Circle hook" in a size 3/0.

Yes, I have been fishing lately, and I have been fortunate enough to catch a legally sized rockfish. Unfortunately I caught approximately 13 that I had to return to the water, but I had a lot of fun.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask!
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thanks for the info richard.

this year seems to be slow for the blues. hopefully it'll pick up soon .

take care . thanks for the pointers
you need to get andy back over there, he will show you where the blues are..............wont you andy :p
hi peter,

i've heard he can cast a bit .
is he versatile ? can he play the blues as well ?

he had plenty of practice playing blues last year indio :D

andys a really good caster.

if the tide is running hard from left to right hardly anyone gets as much fishing time as our andy but if its running right to left his gear is on the beach in a couple of minutes!

isnt that right mate :p
Thanks Pete,

I enjoy all this encoruragment ;)

Yep, nearly changed my name last year to BillyBluefish, wherever we went I could catch them. The others only asked me along to catch the blues for Bait.

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