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Longcaster Wows them at Oregon Ridge!

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If you ever get the chance to see Longcaster demonstrate his casting (and fishing)skills, dont pass it up. I had the pleasure of attending his casual seminar at Oregon Ridge yesterday and it was a real pleasure. He started by discussing some of his tackle and why he uses what he does. That would have been enough just there. I learned more than I have room or time to put down here and so did some of the more advanced fishermen there. Then he went on to show us how he connects his line to a shock leader and the bait rig. He is a true Zen master around a rod and reel. Every move was precise and seemingly effortless. Then came the fun part. He first made some casts with a short rod and two ounce weight that were farther than a lot of us can do with any rig. That was impressive enough but he didn't stop there. He got out a 12 footer and a 5 ounce weight. This was the look on everyone's face when he cast that one. :eek:

He sent it well over 100 yards with seemingly no effort.
None of this was to show off. It was all to teach the rest of us. He is a true gentleman. He didn't even get upset when my son made a huge birds nest in one of his casting reels ;)
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That sounds great! I hate I missed it. I hope he has another seminar.
Me too. I hope he has another seminar somewhere in Northern VA... :D
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