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For a second straight week I ventured down to a NC pier looking for good fall action. After last week’s fun, productive, and crowded experience on Bogue Inlet Pier I stayed closer to home and hit Long Beach Pier on Oak Island. This time I took my 11-year old daughter with me.
The weather was great and the pier wasn’t crowded at all. But unlike last week, the big spots weren’t cooperative. I did see a couple of pluggers take some blues early, so I started casting Gotchas to no avail. While I was wasting time my daughter started catching pompano. I joined her and we had fun with them, although most were small. I did catch one very large one. Altogether we got 10 keeper pompano. We did finally land some spot but they were very small.
The one thing that hadn’t changed was the flounder—big, small, medium-sized, lots and lots of flounder coming up over the rails. They were hitting live mullets and cut bait strips. The guy next to us caught the biggest I saw, one over 20-inches. I’m not used to seeing flounder hit as well on the piers as I’ve seen them in the last two weeks. I even caught one, a 12-inch throwback, on cut pompano. And I wasn’t really trying. I’m beginning to get the idea that I might ought to cart some live bait with me on my next pier trip.
All-in-all it was another fun pier day. The spot never did start up, although I saw a few keepers just before we left. I had never fished this pier before and I liked it a lot. I can’t wait to see what pier I end up on next Saturday…
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