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Alot going on in and offshore this year.
Check it out:


May be we should have the first annual Pierandsurf.com / Pierfest in the Sunshine State. :D :D
I can see it now Beer Truck parked next to the pier . Everyone with their Pierandsurf.com T-Shirts and hats on Fishing in the Florida sunshine , girls on the beach in their thongs and Sandflea as the M/C :) And dont forget the Fish On Girls from ESPN signing autographes and Having Pic's taken with all of us :p :p
Later on at the fish fry if the days catch allows I will tell them just how much TA TA sauce I want on my Fish Sandwich. :D :D :D
Anyone else wants to add to the days schedule
feel free.

TA TA Sauce The joy of every mans fish sandwich

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We would need a side pot of cash for whoever could tell the best (funniest) joke :D. This would encourage humor if the fishing slowed down. There would be no deductions for tastelessness :eek:.

One of the best times a surf fisherman can have is convincing the ladies that digging for sand fleas is fun. This works better after a few trips to the beer truck. Then watch the bikini-clad bait finders frolic in the surf! It’s a good show, and you score fresh bait! Wear your sun glasses gents :cool:.

I think that we should also try and get a military fly-over. Some of the Panhandle surf fisherman would not feel right about fishing without one as we seem to get several fly-overs every time we fish. Those Tyndall hot dogs seem to follow me around on the coast and I do not think they would mind making it to our tournament.

Just some ideas :D
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