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Little Island report?

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Anybody got any reports for Sandbridge, might try to hit the pier first of the week. any reports would greatly be appreciated.
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I heard they "slayyed" the spanish on Thur. Water temp was 70. I went on Fri to find wind strong outta the SSW, dirty and COLD water (64).... fairly regular roundhead action.
I hit the surf next to the pier on Saturday and we caught more bug bites then we did fish. We caught some croaker and some white perch.
Hey Loudog

Are the roundheads fairly good size at Sandbridge? That is one of my favorite fish to eat. Might have to try out that area.
Thanx for the report Loudog, might try to hit it tommorrow
Didn't get to fish today, but I called Little Island pier and he said they had caught a few spanish, alot of blues and roundhead bight was pretty good, Looks like the weather the next couple of days is Sh&%#y so dont know if I will get to go. Thought you guys would like the report anyway, Later
Roundheads in a good size range (for me;) ) I don't like cleaning lil ones.....I'd say 6-8" (no commments from the peanut gallery)
Maybe a pound....I was just using artificial. I did see some decent spot (surprised for this time of year)caught this eve inside Rudee (between the lighthouse rest and the bridge-bloodworms of course) fairly steady when I left.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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