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Thanks for the info Shoeless. If funding is approved Little Island will become one state of the art fishing pier. I like the three fish cleaning stations. The one in section 3 will be really good. Just the place for the big game anglers. And the benches might come in handy too. If they are placed close to the rails. Somewhere for anglers to take the load off between those rare catches. Cause like the average anglers who are unwelcomed on the end of the pier so it will probably be for the big game guys who need a place to rest and clean up their hands and catches. No need to come to the small section of town sort of speaking. They can stay on the end in total isolation and watch the small guy catch all the bait in the area. :D :p

Great concept for the pier design.
And the possible increase in admission fee will be well deserved.

Looks like May 2006 may be the completion date. It lists May 2005, but I think that may be a misprint. Any idea as to whether or not the pier will shut down completely during both phases? :confused:

11,327 average anglers per year. That's a good number considering they way out there location of the pier. These improvements are bound to draw in many others. That's simply good business. Maybe it'll inspire the start of a web site for the pier. :rolleyes:

Thanks again for the link Shoeless!

BTW: Well worth the 40 minute adobe download time. :eek: I suggest that all who acess this document via dialup to save a couple copies. Will be a great time saver.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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