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Well hit the pier for the first time for this new pier season. Great day all around nice weather, and nice seeing everyone out there again today. Skates off the end when i first got there i got 2 same as everyone else as far as i know. When the tide was almost low we saw a spot swimming on the surface not a healthy one. But none the less still a spot and where there is one there is more. So i tied on the sambiki and sure enough by the third cast and third location as soon as it hit bottom fish on. Not really any size too him but this is a good sign within a week with the weather like it is now they should be up here in big numbers. There was also 19 inch black drum caught in the trough well he is back out in the water with one of my tags in him cannot wait to see where he pops up at. Some blues were also landed only 2 at dead low tide past the huge sandbar on the end now.

On a side note from all the sand restoration that happened i think 2 years ago now well guess where it is. Right out off the end! Well there goes the pin rigging season as we know it. At low tide it was maybe 2 feet under water. Wish i had taken pics but they wolnt do it justice. You all need to see it for you self.

Thank god i bought the kayak this winter!!
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