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Line diameter question

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We know that there are several lines that you can get to satisfy the .31 size for 150 gram leads. Gamagatsu 12, big game and suffix 10. What brands and lb test lines meet the .28 limit for the 125 gram class weight???


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The ideal would be to get line that measures spot on the 0.28mm, how ever line does vary and you wouldn't want to have a record cast thrown out as your line measured 0.275mm :eek:

I tend to opt on the safe side and use something slightly over. I Sufix Supreme in Hi-Viz Yellow is says 0.28mm but comes in at 0.29mm.

Too many casters get hung up on trying to get their lines too close to the limit, if yopu get through as much line as me then it's got to be reasonable in price :rolleyes:

I have a 4 state rule :-
"Check line, Load reel, Cast & more importantly - Be Happy"


Good Points but the single biiggest one is "never take the manufacturers word for it" :rolleyes:

Take heed to Blaine's words - Measure and Measure again !! Mono does vary in size acording to tempreture and humidity, we are dealing in an area which probably has the least amount of quality checks. Take a 4oz filler spool, over the complete length (say 1200yds for 15lb) the diamter WILL vary over the entire spool and we are paying how much for the line ??

BigWillJ has a good philosophy in that if you are using line that is over size then you have eliminated 1 of the problems, yes it will affect your distance by only a small amount (maybe as low as 2-3%).

Keep happy & cast far.

Hi Jim,

Your post is that of a wise man.

Led. ;)
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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