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Lesner Report Needed

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My son and I are heading to Lynnhaven Inlet tomorrow afternoon for a little tidal and sunset action. Probably try outside the bridge on the beach to fish the sandbar and then maybe head over to that little projection towards the west.

Anyone had any action lately or should I fish the inlet? Would like some local action before I head for the sunshine state :cool: .

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Kurt, if you're talking about the west side, that bar stays extremely shallow all the way out to the pilings. I'd look to the inside where it's deep. It does get more crowded in there but normally catches better from the beach. Try the slack tide to keep the grass off the hook and for bait squid, shrimp or peeler crabs. Haven't been there in the last couple days but caught some there last week.
lots of trout and striper on storm shads
Thanks guys. Did manage to get there for a few hours on the outgoing, not the best time tide-wise I know but, anytime is a good time to go if you can.

From about 5:00 pm to 8:15 pm saw only 1 taken from the beach, a 10" flounder from just in the channel, past the sandbar. Nothing else caught within my sight. Folks were throwing assasins, gotcha plugs, clams, squid, minnows, spoons, just about everything but the kitchen sink, all without a sniff.

I figure it had to get better on the incoming but I just coulkdn't stay.

Good luck to everyone else out there.

the outgoing is almost always better than the incoming. i have found that it is more important to fish there after dark than anything. i went last night during the duck inn beach party. i was the only one fishing the duck inn side, while there were a zillion people fighting to fish the other side. i caught 5 stripers in 45 mins on the incoming tide and left, very fun. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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