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lesner duck inn side

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headed out there this morning from 8-12 caught 5 under flounder and 6 or 7 seabass saw a puffer caught and way to many crabs drug in everything on minnow. looking for puppy drum anyone know the hot spot right now.

i am heading down to the wall on greatneck in the morning maybe i will see someone out there.

"sit back and catch the buzz"
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Wassup Buzz-
Any more Blues being caught @ the WAll?
blues are gone fished the wall today from 6-12 caught 6 flounder 3 blowfish a few toadfish, one nice spot. the bait was minnow and cut crab. where are the puppy drum??? this is killing me!!
The first place they start showing is back in the holes and oysters beds on the back of the Lynnhaven river. I imagine they're there now and will start flooding the inlets and beaches in a matter of weeks.
outstanding!!! i caught one about 2 weeks ago at rudee he was small but i have had my hopes up ever since!
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