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The new 2003 Shore Fishing Challenge date is Saturday October 4, 2003. We apologize for the scheduling conflict with the IRI Cleanup scheduled for Sunday October 5, 2003. We wish the Cleanup crew tall fish tales, cold beer, big fish and tight lines. Our first choice beach at Point Lookout is under water and our second choice beach lost 400 feet of shoreline to Hurricane Isabel.

If you register and pay online today, please bring a copy of your registration and payment receipt to the park Saturday morning at 7am. Otherwise, only cash payments can be taken in the morning. You can register at www.longcasters.org.

We are sorry for the delay in getting this information to you. We had to make sure that everything was in place.

The new location is: 49300 St. James Church Road, Lexington Park, MD 20653

Click on the Mapquest link then enter your starting location and the tournament location in the Mapquest page.


The tournament starting time is 8am. Registration will begin at 7am on Saturday.

The tournament will take place on an open beach. It is a combination of park and non-park beach along the Chesapeake Bay. You can expect to catch the same fish that you’d catch at Point Lookout.

The portable toilets are located in the parking lot. It is 1/10th of a mile to the first section of beach. You will select your own fishing area on a first come first served basis. If have any special requirement related to walking or toilet facilities, please notify us and we will make every effort to reserve a fishing area near the parking lot for your convenience.

This is a live scoring event, so please bring a container to keep your catch alive until it is measured. A 5 gallon bucket makes a good container and seat. You get an extra point for a safe release. The judges will cut a fin from all unreleased and scored fish. All fish must meet minimum Maryland catch sizes to score.

The tournament is 15 minutes from a restaurant or store. We suggest that you bring lunch and drinks (glass containers are prohibited by law).

For lodging and accommodations:

I surveyed the beach Wednesday and it looks fairly good. However, the shoreline is covered with Chesapeake Bay grass due to Isabel’s storm surge.

Beach Cleanup:
There are a few bottles and cans from Isabel. It would be helpful if you could take a moment to pick up any can or bottle at your fishing station. Most people will only have one in their section. It should take less than a minute.

Fishing Stations:
Each fishing station is twenty-five to thirty feet wide. You will select your own station after you get your registration packet and tournament badge in the morning. Please keep your station clean. You are allowed to move freely between empty fishing stations throughout the day. Each fishing station is marked by a single colored flag. Multiple flags indicate the boundary limits. Please fish from the center of your station as much as possible.

Measuring Device:
Please bring something to measure your catch. You can get a free Maryland state measuring stick at any tackle shop. This will avoid wasting a judge’s time when you catch a fish that is smaller than your last catch of the same species. We lost three judges when we switched to the new tournament date. We currently have four judges for two thousand feet of beach. We are working on getting a few more by Saturday.

They may allow us to park n the grass in the playground area. If they do, please do not damage the grass by turning your tires when your vehicle is not moving. If you are unsure of how to safely park on grass, park in the gravel parking section.

All fish must meet our minimum size limits to score.

Spots – No minimum
Perch – No minimum
Sea Trout – 13 inches
Striped Bass – 18 inches
Croaker – 9 inches
Flounder 17-1/2 inches
Bluefish – 8 inches
Black Drum – 16 inches
As result of Wednesday’s beach survey, Black Drum has been added to the list. You get an extra point when you safely release a scoring fish.

Chumming is not allowed in this tournament and is grounds for disqualification without a refund of your entry fee.

Live Lining:
Live Lining is permitted provided that the bait meets Maryland’s legal minimum size requirements.

You can use any bait that you select including plastic and metal lures.

The Hike:
The walk to the beach is less than 300 feet from the parking lot on a paved road. The walk over sand ranges from 100 feet to 1900 feet depending on the fishing station that you select.

If you register and pay online today, please bring a copy of your registration and payment receipt to the park Saturday morning at 7am. Otherwise, only cash payment will be taken in the morning.

We look forward to meeting and spending a fun day with you. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for asking. We had eight winners. We tried for ten winners, but only ten fish paid money including a 7" Spot. In the next few days, we will post the results. I hope to have a video clip and photos of the eight winners online by Wednesday. They caught Spots, Croakers, Trout, Bluefish, Black Drum, Perch, and Stripers. We only had four judges for 2000 feet of beach. It was beautiful day to be on the Chesapeake Bay. The children built sand castles while their families and friends took the challenge. The winning fish came in the last hour. It was a 22 point Striper worth $350. I'll have more after I get some sleep and much needed rest.

I would have come to Delaware today, but I'm just getting over a bad Cold. Mark Edwards and I caught colds while fishing in a Virginia Beach Tournament last week. Did he make the cleanup?

Please keep me on the list for future cleanup.

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Thanks for the info will be looking forward to the clips.
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