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landings marina

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Got there around 7 and started catching croaker and spot. Took a croaker and put it out for sharks. Nothing happened to that. Ray's cousin was reelin in a croaker though and all of a suddenn zzzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz(line screamin). RAy grabs the rod sets the hook on it and fights it. Fought it for about 10 minutes till it surface. It was a bonnethead around 3 feet. Not to mention it hit on a rod meant for croaker that has 10 lb test on it. Another 5 minutes later SNAP the fish gets off. Then i go down to the tip to find blues going NUTS over the fish. Cast a few times and got nada and then left.
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Better luck next time

Not the best over all results but sounds like a screaming good time.:D
yea kozlow ur right. We didnt go that great if you consider what we caught but it sure was fun.
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