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Knowing the timing of tides will not work in my favor and a very slow speck bite in the Inlet from yesterday, I decided to try some Lake Moultrie bass fishing and it worked out well. 20 inch bass and a 24 inch pickerel were the highlights, with a total of over a dozen fish landed- mostly small bass. It helps to be versatile to catch fish consistently. The 4 inch Rapala X-rap did most of the damage. I also caught a few on the original Rapala and a deep scatter Rap.

I was fishing between the ditch that runs parallel to the lake and the lake itself. The ditch was holding good numbers of pickerel and bass. In I did hook-up and lose a decent size bass in the main lake.

Fish Fish Bass Coregonus lavaretus Barramundi

Fish Coregonus lavaretus Trout Bony-fish Touladi
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