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King Mackerel

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I noticed that the hasn't been any reports of any catching any king mackerel is it a bad year for them or is it still to early in the season?
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Further south

Check out the Fla. and Carolinas boards. They've been getting them in those areas for awhile.

I haven't heard of any in Va. yet.
The "Jersey" board has been talking about catching Kings for 2 weeks.
Those kings on the Jersey board are not Macks. What we call kings you guys call whiting, sea mullet, or roundheads.
It may be season for the King Macks in Fla. and NC but this year it just isn't happening. The king macks are offshore and biting but inshore on the piers there has only been one pier this year that has really been hot. The rest are scattered. Ocean Crest Pier has been the pier for king fishing this year. The water is either dirty, cold, or it has been raining. Cobia and some scattered jacks are biting better than kings.
spent the whole day (16 hrs) at kitty hawk tuesday. water started at 69 and went up to 75 by the end of the day. water was beautiful with an east wind. only thing we saw were cobia. had one hit a king rigg . it was a large cobia we estimated between 50 and 60 pounds. other then that no runs at all. by the way that cobia threw the hooks after about a 5 min fight. also on monday rolland caught a dolphn at KHP. it was only a few pounds but the local news grew it to 18 pounds, lol. congrats rolo. havn't heard of one king being caught yet on the obx piers. but the jacks are starting to run and the kings usually follow. i think we are just getting a late start because of the longer the usual winter fronts. their comming!!!
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