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From the web: "Special designed for wire, lead core and Dacron lines. Counterbalaced handle has molded non-slip soft grip for a comfort and secure hold, even with wet hands. Unique two lever spool control - one lever puts reel in gear or free spool, the other disengages anti-reverse. All exposed parts are chrome plated. Line capacity is 300 yds of 30 lb test, gear ratio is 3.5:1."

Bottom line - Reel is used mostly for wire line.

PS - Take the CAPS off - It means you're yelling at everyone! ;)
Thanks sandcrab, new to the kingfish thing. been a bottom bouncer up til now. :D
recommend a reel sandcrab, all help is appreciated.
Shimano Speedmaster, TLD 15, Penn 4/0 to 6/0. Some of the Penn GTI series in the larger sizes will work.

IMHO, you want a reel with a decent retrieve ratio and a fairly large line capacity. Smooth drag is mucho important.

Those speedsters off the pier can burn a lot of line in hurry, particularly at a light drag setting. But, you also have to have the horsepower, due to the large shark, cobia or tarpon that you can hook up with.

Which pier, will you fish the most on Topsail?
Hi Bum, If your not looking to sink much money in a reel, let me suggest the Shakespeare Tidewater TW50LA. It sells for @ $50 at Basspro and has a rated line capacity of 350 yds. of 30#. I filled mine with a 30# Suffix copolymer that's a little smaller in diameter and layed on @ 450 yds. There is nothing wrong with a Penn or Shimano by no means, but just starting out I thought I might try to save you a $ or 2 until you decide if it's your cup of tea.

If there is any other info that I can help you with just drop me a line at home and I'll try my best to answer it.

Leaving for OBX at 6:00 in the morning so I had better get my butt to bed. :D :D :D
I have to say I like my tidewater 30la I ahve it spooled with 350yds of 20# yozuri hybred line. Only thing I have bad to say about it is the level wind quit working after only 8 trips out. Proublem solved by removing the level wind parts and filling holes with epoxy like stuff. It actually improved the casting ability of the reel. I have this reel on a 11' penn surffisher big game. very fine casting and nice smooth drag. When it goes bad I will replace with a penn 525, but for the $ it is a good reel. wife landed this king with reel on a boat rod.
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ok topsail, i've been king rigging ffor 8 or 9 years now and the best reel i've found for a fighting reel (without getting into the internationals) is the shimano TLD25. lever drag and holds 600 yrds of 30 lb test. closest i've ever gotten to getttting striped was by a tarpon over 100 lbs. its a good reel. wait another month and check out whats being used on the piers.
If you have to go cheap grab a Jigmaster about 60 bucks. I'm with Demonfish go and look first. Ask a few questions. Saving money is not always the besst option. Leverdrags are nice in this applicaton. You also want at least 400 of 30 on the reels, with a good drag.
cool, I have a tidewater 50. I am going on vacation in June and thought I'd try king fishing.
So, I want the large rod just to throw out the sinker. The rod with the live bait on it is just a 7' rod I thought. But then I read above that he is using it with an 11' rod. Now I am confused.

King fishing from a pier requires two rods. A fighing rod (usually 7' with lots of good line) and a anchor rod (10-12' and able to cast a sinker far out). The king rig that holds the bait (usually a live fish) is actually attached to both rods with a special connection system and "breaks free" of the anchor rod when the fish strikes.
I understand that SandCrab. My confusion is on using the shakespeare reel on an 11 footer. The shakespeare reel would be the reel to use on the fighting rod, not the casting rod. So does beachbms use the 11' rod as a fighting rod? Or was beachbms using the 11' rod for casting. Cause the tidewater Shakespeare is definitely not a good choice for casting (has no brakes or anything--thumb burn!).
Ive never caught kings for a pier, I use my tidewater for casting from the beach on a 11' rod. I had switched it to a boat rod, on my boat when was king fishing. sorry for the confusion. :confused:
No problem. I used to do the same thing - swap boat reels to my surfcasting rod when I needed to surf fish.

Husky - Saturday is a go. :)
You can cast your Tidewater? I CAN cast mine, but it results in serious thumb burns. The spool just spins like a bat out of hell.
I wasn't recommending that Bum should use cheap or inferior equipment. I was just trying to recommend a reasonably priced reel that has a decent line capacity and smooth drag system to start out with until he decides if he likes king fishing. I see no reason for him to wrap up $500-up on a king setup only to possibly find out he doesn't like king fishing.

I started out with an Okuma Zonar 45 (eBay $35), an Okuma 6'6" rod (BPS $15), a Pinnacle ABF 70 (eBAy again $30), and an Uglystik 12' (BPS $75). Complete setup including terminal tackle less than $200. I still use everything except the Okuma reel that needs a new clicker and drag that was ruined by a 4' skate while shark fishing last year. Replaced the Okuma with the Tidewater.
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