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Kill devil hills mp7

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Went out for a bit this morning

Waters a warm 70 degrees, winds in your face about 10mph , flat Beach with lots of 1 foot chop. Fairly strong current running left to right.

No fleas around, so threw out some shrimp. Also had out some blood worm fast melt fish bites

Nothing was hungry.

Saw a few small blues and Spanish in the surf yesterday afternoon...by few I mean like 3. There was a small school of bait around and nothing seemed to be chasing it. Threw some metal at it anyway but no luck.

The osprey are flying back and forth and can't seem to find anything either.

Be back out later.
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at 3.5 mile post caught enough sea mullet to feed family of 4 on sand fleas, some were really nice size, nothing citation but really nice size
yesterday with the wind change different story on sea mullet, couldn't feed myself, caught 3 all day. today totally skunked so far but i fished outgoing to dead low tide, the worst time to fish. Tons of sandfleas tho, mostly females too so hoping incoming gets better wich I know it will. Dialout the fleas are closer to the trough even at higher tide you have to go lower to get a good supply and move around because they feel you there. you may know know all this, just trying to be helpful.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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