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Kent Island Headboats

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Does anyone know anything about the Kent Isalnd Head Boats, if so I would greatly appreciate any help havnt been out in like three weeks
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I've haven't had too many problems with the headboats in KI. Just stay away from the Island Queen. Captain gets a little lazy sometimes and won't move. Seems as if we're in the same boat so to speak. I' ve yet to go out
Who are some of the captains down there? And how much is it per person and how many people do they usually take?
two of the captains are Capt. Price and Capt. Meredith
Both are real good guys and they are catching fish - croakers, spot and white perch ( plenty of them). $40 is the charge per person. Boats are clean also.

If you go out with price tell him that the captian of the Misty Gypsy sent you.:D
Does anyone have any contact number for the head boats I would like to go out sunday morning.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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